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If you don’t read Norwegian, I’m afraid there isn’t much for you here. The blog consists almost solely of Norwegian articles and translations. ☻

But there are some excellent articles in English, you can read them here. (They are Creative Commons 4.0)

This blog is an attempt to translate some of the real journalism and analysis available out there. For some reason most of this is unavailable in most smaller languages. People who  take  an interest in the wider world are forced to  look around for English speaking news, which has its own problems; it can be somewhat hard for non-native speakers to get beyond the bloody Guardian  when they don’t believe the incessant lies any more.

And many people prefer reading news in their native tongue.There is only a small selection  of quality journalism available. It does exist, but I want more. The MSM have gigantic resources, and this makes a much bigger difference in the press in smaller languages, especially the ones that are traditionally so totally integrated with the Empire.

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5 kommentarer

  1. Hej Terje, jeg kan nok forstå norsk, men engelsk vil være bedre. Var det en god idé altid at lægge linket dit det originale under artiklen, når der er tale om en oversættelse?

    Ellers: mange tak for din indsats!


    • Vanligvis finnes en link nederst på siden, men ikke alltid.

      De fleste sakene er hentet fra listen over nyhetssteder til høyre på siden, de fleste av dem engelskspråklige.


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